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And trying to improve the universe with forward-thinking creatives since 1970 something.

I’m currently living in The Heights of Houston, TX. I grew up just outside of NYC and moved to Houston, Texas nearly 20 years ago. About that time, I started my professional career in design and marketing.

Houston is home to some of the most culturally diverse communities, comprised of creative thinkers, culinary masterminds, scientists, engineers, medical laureates, and more artists, galleries, museums and theaters than you can shake a fist at. And I shake a lot of fists. The best part? The majority of these creative beings are friendly and eager to learn and collaborate.

Having been schooled in fine art and graphic design, I continue to train daily through working, mentoring and speaking about my passions in user-centered design, brand development, art direction, business strategy and the future of culture and technology.

Together with a group of amazing friends and collaborators, we're living in the future, growing passionate businesses through a cloud-based strategy, branding and design agency we call Culture Pilot. We're also big proponents of community building and event curation at Culture Pilot through the likes of the TEDxHouston and VISUALIZED Conferences. There is something magical about getting people together in person to share interactive experiences with one another.

When I’m not deep inside the internet, you may find me sketching letters. Together with local designer Kathleen Holton, we began Hand Lettering Houston (or #HandLetterHou for short) which is a free monthly series in Houston devoted to practicing the art of Hand Lettering. We curate monthly assignments and exhibitions at local bars and cafes. Come join in sometime.
Formal bio: Tim DeSilva has a formal education in art and design, and as founder of Culture Pilot, has led a professional career in consulting, speaking and working on passions in brand development, user-centered design, and technology strategy for marketing and business development. He is an advocate for the creative economy of Houston and in collaboration with Culture Pilot and passionate community leaders, co-produces the TEDxHouston and VISUALIZED conferences and Houston's Hand Lettering Meetup Community. When not at Culture Pilot, you'll find Tim on a bicycle. Or on foot. Or in the garden. And most likely bitching about bad typography.

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